Baby It’s Cold Outside

This has been by far the warmest Movember yet, as you can tell by the lack of “Oh I miss my natural scarfbeard!” posts. But alas, we’re into the 30s and now it’s time to finally get the Christmas stuff up.


In the past 10 years, Movember has blown up in what it does for men’s health beyond prostate cancer. In recent years they’ve promoted suicide prevention and being active as well. Now that the Cubs are done playing, I’ve been dedicating time each day to work out and undo a month of Old Styles and bar food.

Flashback: Coworker Costumes

If anything, Movember has given me the opportunity to shave the beard and dress up as unique things for Halloween. In the case of office costume parties, it’s been easy to dress up as a coworker… multiple times, to much failure.