The End.

10 Years. 300 Days. That’s a ton of moustache.

Looking back, lots of memories come to mind – Thanksgivings, the popup office barber shop, meeting Ditka dressed as Ditka, weddings, Xmas card photo workarounds, and the time I almost won a Mo contest to go to the Playboy Mansion. For all the awkward moments and odd looks I received, I gained the motivation to help others and improve my own health.

Ten years later you’ve helped me raise $13,500 towards mens health initiatives. And big props to those that made my teams a success at SapientNitro and Critical Mass. If you include donations to them, we collectively raised over $100,000 – likely because Canadians are fiercely competitive givers.

If I didn’t have you guys to support my efforts, cheer for my team, or believe in the cause, I’d just be a dude with terrible taste in grooming habits.

Thank you.

– Tim


Day 300

Last day of shaving my chin for the foreseeable future. 300 days of participating is quite the moustache marathon. Don’t forget to donate this week!


Thanks to those that have contributed this year… Rebecca, Mom, Cindi, Lisa, Christie, Greg, Josie, Jacki and Kris representing the fam. Doreen, Kevin W, Stritt, Neil, Reid and Anita repping the work fam. And I can’t forget longtime and new friends Waltaaaahhhh, Eileen, Sarah, Jim K, Michelle, Polo and Susan P.

Flashback: Year One

As this is coming to a close, it’s funny to think that this was where it started. It’s strange to think what’s changed since this photo was taken – everyone’s married, half of us have kids, and Jeremy buried a dead body in that office (the only reason he hasn’t left CM).



Since I started Movember, cancer has become a bigger part of my family’s lives. I miss those that we lost, and I’m thankful for the time I get to spend with my family during these holidays.