Double Platinum


It’s with great pleasure to reach my annual goal of $1,000 for the second year in 3 years doing this. With $3,000 raised by doing the yearly Movember fundraising, I’m amazed that you guys support me so much.

Thanks again for your donations, especially those that repeatedly support moustache growing for prostate cancer awareness. Only 11 more months until next year’s Movember!

Last Day!


Missed out on updates yesterday, but it’s been a busy weekend. $30 away from my goal of $1,000. You can donate this whole week. Thanks to all who’ve helped out so far!

The “Great” Bridal Expo


Rebecca and I haven’t done a lot of cheesy wedding stuff yet, so I thought it’d make sense to hit up a bridal show and get some honeymoon info. For anyone who enjoys those Bridezilla shows, I totally get it now. Brides be crazy (except for mine, of course).

Bad Photoshop


Right before my Saturday run, I noticed that I’m starting to resemble someone. Not in a “Oh is that…” way, more like a “Hey, look at that freak trying to pretend he’s…” way.