Now that my hand is doing better, I can finally crank out horrible Photoshops like this to celebrate an awesome milestone!

Learnings & Reflection

It’s been a long month, and I’ve learned a lot from this year’s Movember:

  • Moustache wax is not the same as hair products. You need patience to groom it, and my skills with the tiny comb might come in handy some day.
  • You definitely get more scared/concerned looks from bystanders than growing one from scratch. I secretly hoped to make it on peopleofwalmart.com
  • Client meetings and business trips run better after you clear the air about your mustachioed intentions.
  • Airport security takes a little longer look at your ID before letting you proceed.
  • I really need some Just For Men to make this blond thing match the rest of the hair on my head.
  • Don’t let your wife take you to dance studios to see an old friend. My moustache near those high school girls makes you feel like a pervert, even if you’re staring at the ground the whole time.
  • Not only did I stop wearing a hat to work, but dress shirts, ties, and dress shoes became the norm. This thing makes me feel classy, but not enough to wear a monocle.
  • No matter how many times I do it, twirling my fingers around the ‘stache scares my wife and family.

Thanks to all who have donated so far. This year I’ve almost doubled my best total, which is truly incredible and I’m very thankful for your support.

There’s still time to donate this week, so if you haven’t yet drop $5, $20, whatever you can to help fight prostate cancer!

Almost there…

It’s almost the end of the month, full of strange moments and twisting little hairs on my face. I won’t miss it that much, but it’s been a fun little caterpillar of cancer-fighting goodness. So much that I think I’ll keep it until Friday for last second donations.

Halloween Costume 2011?

Chilling out in Michigan, heavily invested in some RetroTV channel that’s been playing tons of 80’s Saturday morning cartoons. Lo and behold She-Ra comes on and it’s filled with moustached beefy men. Might have to get cracking on next year’s Halloween costume.

One Thanksgiving Down…

One awesome Thanksgiving with my family done, on the road to Michigan for another one with Rebecca’s family Saturday. Pretty sure my family has grown numb to my moustachiness after 4 years.

Putting Up the Tree

Rebecca and I finally got around to putting up the Christmas decorations, which seems a bit funny to say because it wasn’t even Thanksgiving yet. But, with the help of my little scissor accident we’ve managed to postpone it until last night. Something about doing it this year seemed special. Might be because it’s our first Christmas as a married couple and we already have four “1st Christmas” ornaments. Maybe it was the fact we have a four-day weekend and get to visit family. Maybe it was the wine. But it was fun.

Tiny Comb for Tiny Hands

Yes, my moustache requires some love and care. I’ve been using Clubman Wax since day three, which comes with this tiny little comb for applying it. Every day I start off with the scent of lemons under my nose, which after a while isn’t as strange as it sounds.

Side Profile

So I managed to get ready for work, groom and everything with one hand. Took twice as long but I did it. Also realized I’m due for a haircut… but I digress. Today you get a side profile shot to see how thick this ‘stache has gotten. And this is with the wax keeping it in check.