This year we finally got a regular sized Christmas tree to call our own. And with that comes a need for ornaments, especially since Rebecca has 20+ Barbie ones from over the years. My parents have been collecting this series since I was a baby, so it seemed fitting to continue the tradition at our place. Best part? Looks like they’re having a moustache contest.



Because it’s a slow day at work and it just opened, today was perfect weather for some Gl├╝wein and creepy faces at the Christkindlmarket in Daley Plaza.

Is it cheating?

So every year I do a reasonably tall moustache, but this year it’s short and for some reason the blonde nature of it isn’t showing the progress I wanted to have. So the question is, would it be cheating to use a performance-enhancing drug like hair dye to show this thing off? And if it isn’t, what color should I color it?