Super-Mo VII : That Just Happened

This year’s plan to dress like Ditka and run a 5k was a good idea. Adding donation incentives for the costume was better. Creating a trophy with the names of donors on it and run with it? Great. But getting Ditka’s attention and shaking his hand was nothing short of unbelievable.


Completing the Ditka Look

So I picked up the Ditka Dash race packet and realized running in warm weather gear is still not enough. Earlier this year I ran the Soldier Field 10 mile race with a football, so doing that again didn’t feel quite right. So after thinking about it a bit, I decided Da Coach needed his SuperBowl trophy. The football, some tin foil, and a shipping tube I had laying around turned into something of beauty.


Test Run in the Cold

It’s gotten much, much colder than I thought this year, so it made sense to get accustomed to the cold weather after a week of being sick. 25 degrees with wind chill of zero? Man I miss my beard.


With this lingering cold I’ve avoided pics of my snotty self. But now that I’m feeling better and there’s less nastiness in my ‘stache, here’s a nice update of the fancy mo I’m sporting.

It is Very Real – The Plank of Victory

After years of office competition, I thought it was about time there’s some benefit besides a little bragging rights. And thus began the journey to have a Plank of Victory created. Laser-engraved maple from an old barn, the thing is massive for my tiny-man hands and weighs a lot more than anticipated. It’s the Manly Cup without a silly bowl on top.