From Mo to Moto

After another incredibly successful Movember campaign, I’ll be leaving my agency SapientNitro on a good note. Having the trophy stay in Chicago is a great way to finish my time here. Next up? Changing up from Mos to Moto… Motorola to be exact. Looking forward to next year with potential Moto Mos.


Three-Peat for Sapient Chicago

When I started working at SapientNitro back in 2012, I was quickly brought up to speed on the inter-office competition for Movember. And since I’ve been here, we’ve won for the most donations raised by the end of the month. It’s a tough challenge, as our Toronto office always puts up a good fight until the last second, but it’s good to know the trophy stays in our office for another year.

It’s a Movember Miracle!

Timed for a proper opening on Small Business Saturday, but perhaps losing a large opportunity at the end of Movember, local favorite Merz Apothecary in our neighborhood has expanded their space to feature a ton of men’s shaving goods at Q Brothers. More at


BONUS AWESOMENESS: I found out on December 1st that I won this weekly giveaway prize!


Undoing Thanksgiving Meal(s)

As with any other Movember, I try to reflect on being healthier and motivate myself to do more about it. This year I decided to do “30 in 30 in 30” – a plan to run 30 miles over the 30 days of Movember in 30 degree weather or lower. I didn’t really expect it to be this cold so early in the month, but I did it. And based on my Nike Plus app, I’m 50 miles away from hitting the 1,000 mile mark… although something tells me I’ll be doing some of those miles indoors.

Giving Thanks

Not only am I surrounded by a supportive family, but they’ve all been big contributors to the success of many Movember fundraising efforts over the years. And this might be the first year no one gave me crap for my moustachio’d self, which in itself is kinda groundbreaking. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Rudy is Not Amused

We’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, and that means we get a special visit from dog-in-law Rudy. As much as I’m trying to take a selfie with her, she is not amused in my attempts to make a Movember post today.


Random Movember Fact #10100

As a participant in Movember since 2007, I’ve kept my member number since back in the day. When you hit up my donation link, you might notice “10100”

I’m member 10,100, which seems pretty high. But when looking at my team’s page, some are registered as high as 11,250,000. That’s over one thousand times the number of participants since I joined. Crazy.

Gone Platinum. Again.

Broke the $1,000 mark again. And like past years, there come strange prizes. This year? A moustache-protecting soup spoon. Sure, why not.