Year Nine Complete – $1,040 Raised!

For the 8th year since I’ve done this, you’ve helped me raise over $1,000 and putting me in the elite Platinum Club of Movember once again. Thanks for all the donations, and I’ll be back again for what may be my last year of shaving goodness…?


Mug shot

Go figure, the one month a year I need to update some government docs for a work trip and this is what I get to look like.


I like trains

With all the snow falling, we dug out some things from storage. I was hoping to find my old Lego train set and see if it works so it can go around the tree. Look at this childlike glee to see a 20 year old toy still working.


Xmas Card Rejects

Every year I’m faced with finding ways to do a Christmas card while showcasing a moustache… which never really looks right, especially earlier in the month. So instead I Photoshop something and use that instead. Not all Photoshops are great, or appropriate, and need approvals from Rebecca before we get them made. Here’s a sample of one of those images from the cutting room floor.