The End.

10 Years. 300 Days. That’s a ton of moustache.

Looking back, lots of memories come to mind – Thanksgivings, the popup office barber shop, meeting Ditka dressed as Ditka, weddings, Xmas card photo workarounds, and the time I almost won a Mo contest to go to the Playboy Mansion. For all the awkward moments and odd looks I received, I gained the motivation to help others and improve my own health.

Ten years later you’ve helped me raise $13,500 towards mens health initiatives. And big props to those that made my teams a success at SapientNitro and Critical Mass. If you include donations to them, we collectively raised over $100,000 – likely because Canadians are fiercely competitive givers.

If I didn’t have you guys to support my efforts, cheer for my team, or believe in the cause, I’d just be a dude with terrible taste in grooming habits.

Thank you.

– Tim