Go Figure

Here I thought I’d be able to escape one Movember without making some post about the Bears playing a terrible game. But man, if there was a year to forget, it’s been this one. Smoking Jay’s not coming back, most of the team is injured, and yet I still watch them. At least this is the last time I’ll post a sad reaction pic.

But hey, here’s some from the past…




Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Comfort me again with your big ol’ bear hug, Big Cat…

Flashback: Meeting Ditka

Every Movember there were posts about the Bears. Mostly disappointing, and this year has been no different. But instead of being upset about the fact I never got to meet Cutler in my Smoking Jay getup, I did get to shake hands with Ditka at the end of Movember in 2013.


Baby It’s Cold Outside

This has been by far the warmest Movember yet, as you can tell by the lack of “Oh I miss my natural scarfbeard!” posts. But alas, we’re into the 30s and now it’s time to finally get the Christmas stuff up.

Flashback: The Plank of Victory

One of the fondest moments of doing Movember was creating a lasting memory of the competition while working at SapientNitro. Offices were competitive – as in emotionally draining competitive – about who was more charitable. That’s when I believed something simple like a trophy, a Manly Cup if you will, would motivate our office to participate more. And this, the beginning of the Plank of Victory. Laser-etched reclaimed wood, it has plaques of winning teams on the back to remind Sapient who was most dominant in supporting the cause.


Not Quite the Same

This is the first Movember where my hair is long enough to compensate as a makeshift moustache, but it pales in comparison to the first time Rebecca showed me how to do it in 2007.


Annual Dedication

My wife is nothing but amazing to motivate and deal with me in my Movember efforts for a decade. The last time we had a normal photo together on her birthday was back in 2006, so I’m sure she’ll be happy to have that next year. In the meantime, we’ll take pics like this while hanging out on her birthday.