Flashback: Neckstache

One of the funniest outcomes from Movember had to have been in 2012 while I was at SapientNitro. Our agency gave people the power people to design and donate towards a finishing look while our team didn’t shave for the full month. The neckstache was my winning design, a bowtie was a close second.


The Future!

Look at that, Facebook fundraising! It’s like we’re in the future! Don’t worry, all my dumb Movember posts will still remain on this site so you’re not spammed to death, although I’m sure it’d be a nice change of pace from what’s pummeling your news feeds.



In the past 10 years, Movember has blown up in what it does for men’s health beyond prostate cancer. In recent years they’ve promoted suicide prevention and being active as well. Now that the Cubs are done playing, I’ve been dedicating time each day to work out and undo a month of Old Styles and bar food.

Flashback: Coworker Costumes

If anything, Movember has given me the opportunity to shave the beard and dress up as unique things for Halloween. In the case of office costume parties, it’s been easy to dress up as a coworker… multiple times, to much failure.




Whoa, Arrieta

Seems fitting a day after I post the flashback of missing beards that Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta sports his beard-free look. Isn’t the first time he’s done this, but check the before and after on this guy.


World Champs

Playoff beards are usually good luck. But during the course of this Cubs playoff run in October, my beard went from shaggy to trimmed to missing. Doesn’t matter, because the Cubs won the %@#! World Series.


New Routine

In the past year I realized the wonderment of beard oil. I wear it daily. I highly recommend it. But this morning I almost slathered it on my hairless face and it brought a tear to my eye.